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What Celebrities Love To Eat?

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ObamaWe all have our favorite food items, which we like to eat whenever we feel extremely happy or sad. Celebrities are humans too, be they film stars, politicians, musicians, or writers,  they also love to eat their own favorite foods as well. Wanna know what your favorite celebrity loves to eat? Here a look:-


1) Barack Obama/Chili


On the day of his inauguration rehearsal, President Barack Obama was seen tucking into a chili dog. That leaves us in no doubt that chili is his favorite food. His wife, Michelle, too pointed out to this preference in an interview to a report. While some websites report pizza to be Obama’s favorite food, it is actually chili, although, in either case, his wife Michelle may not agree because both the dishes are a bit unhealthy.


2) Lily Allen/SushiLily Allen


If you see this British songstress making too many tips to the Japanese restaurants, you should know that she is crazy about sushi. In fact, Lily is taking help from sushi to stay slim, particularly because in the past, her weight has been a topic of discussion in the media. The busy TV presenter feels that sushi – the flavorful combination of rice and fish – helps her stay satiated while not putting on weight. Moreover, Lily has come a long way from her favorite food in 2007, which was a bowl of mashed potatoes. She is getting healthier.


Mariah Carey3) Mariah Carey/Pizza


Mariah gave birth to a baby recently and, though, she is a big fan of pizza, unfortunately, the chart-topping singer is not allowed to eat it more often. It may be her love for her curvy figure but Mariah doesn’t give in so easily to her pizza cravings. Nonetheless, pizza remains her favorite food although she has to deal with weightloss issues from time to time.


4) Kate Bosworth/Spaghetti Bolognese Kate Bosworth


A huge fan of home-style classic cooking, the Hollywood actor Kate Bosworth can’t seem to have enough of her grandmother’s recipe of spaghetti Bolognese. It reminds her of her childhood, says the Superman Returns actor. Bosworth says, “It’s one of my favorites. You know you grow up on certain things and you just love it?” She also has a weakness for chips, which she gets from her favorite eatery on the Sunset Boulevard.


Miranda Kerr5) Miranda Kerr/Fried Chicken


Looking at Miranda Kerr’s slim body, you wouldn’t think in your dreams that she would be a big fan of fried chicken, that calorie-ridden food, which most of models, actors, and celebrity women steer clear of. Orlando Bloom’s sexy girlfriend loves fried chicken. However, what is even more surprising is the fact that she makes this classic South American favorite herself. Wonder what happened to her diet plans!


6) Lemar/Blackened Cod Lemar


British soul singer Lemar loves the blackened cod served at London’s ultra-cool Nobu restaurant, which comes in a variety of recipes including teriyaki sauce, ginger, soy sauce and coriander. The Oriental dish has clearly had a huge impact on the singer, who doesn’t shy from waxing eloquent about it, “It’s amazing, beautiful – you can’t go wrong with blackened cod.”


Alesha Dixon7) Alesha Dixon/Jamaican Food


Despite being born and brought up in London, this British singer has not forgotten her roots. Alesha Dixon loves to gorge up on Jamaican food, especially that made by her grandmother. About her favorite food, Dixon says, “You can’t beat home-cooked Jamaican food. My nan (grandmother) cooks me oxtail. I love oxtail and white rice and coleslaw. And curry goat! Oh, I’ve got to go round and see my nan… her home cooked food is really the best!”


So you see, the fried chicken or spaghetti, which makes your mouth water, also has the same effect on your favorite star. In case you know about a favorite recipe or dish of a celebrity, share it here on


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What Celebrities Love To Eat?