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Aldo Zilli Wants UK To Eat More Fish On Fridays

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Aldo ZilliItalian culinary whiz, Aldo Zilli, has taken it upon himself to re-introduce the British palate to the pleasures of eating fish. He is going to ask the people of UK to eat more fish on Fridays with the help of his simple and stylish cooking methods. In effect, Zilli is going to teach Britain to go beyond the usual fish and chips and use his recipes, tips, and secrets to imbibe the humongous benefits of fish in their daily lives.


1) Family Affair


Growing up in a family of nine, fish was a staple part of the diet for Zilli. Moreover, the fact that they lives in a fishing village and worked for a fishmonger to get paid in fish also contributed to Zilli’s familiarity with it. However, their treatment of the fish was different from that practiced in Britain as Zilli told recently, “We just cook it differently – it doesn’t always have to be fried and served with chips! Olive Oil and fresh ingredients are the key. We also don’t fuss too much about it – we’re taught from a young age that it is an affordable, healthy, and easy meal.”


2) The Easter Tradition


Zilli is concerned that the British tradition of eating fish on a Friday is fading fast. He quotes Birds Eye research group’s findings to tell that “many people in the UK aren’t even aware of the tradition anymore.” He thinks that the people are wrong in believing that fish is expensive and difficult to cook. Moreover, some people cannot stand the smell. All of which is a great shame, according to Zilli, because, he believes, that “fish is such a delicious and healthy food.”


3) Cooking Fish is Easy


Zilli doesn’t understand why people are afraid of cooking fish in their kitchen. He, therefore, offers some tips so that people who find cooking fish complicated can easily attempt it at home. In order to make the fish-cooking process less challenging for most of you, Zilli offers his advice, “Ask your fishmonger to do the skinning and gutting the fish first, then you can bring it home clean and fresh. All you then need to do is pop in the oven or stick on the BBQ. Alternatively, opt for frozen fish from the supermarket, which can be cooked in the oven, straight from the freezer.”


4) The Simple Recipe


Zilli has devised a very easy and simple recipe to get people started on cooking fish more frequently. It contains oven-roasting the fish by simply getting yourself a clean fish, stuffing its cavity with herbs and lemon, then roasting it in the oven at 15 minutes per 1lb. The recipe is easy, cheap, simple, and short.


5) Fish is Healthy


It has been proven again and again and Zilli believes so too that fish is a healthy food to eat. He recommends that it should be consumed twice a week because it helps reduce your chances of contracting cardiovascular disease as well as help in normal functioning of skin and brain. At the same time, Zilli also expresses concern over the recent developments in the seafood sector. Regarding that, he says, “I’m not sure it (seafood) has fallen out of favor – the number of people who still eat fish and chips is as high as ever but there does seem to be this misconception that cooking it at home is difficult or more expensive, which it doesn’t need to be.”


In case this blog has already got you interested in trying your hand at cooking fish at home, you have to get the recipes that Zilli has brought out in collaboration with Birds Eye. Do let us know how your fish turned out to be.


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Aldo Zilli Wants UK To Eat More Fish On Fridays