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So This is How Beyoncé Got that Sexy Post-Baby Body?

A live in trainer! Umm..hmmm! That’s right; Beyoncé has a live-in trainer who is helping her to shed the 40 pounds that she gained during pregnancy. But, she will still keep dem curves curvy!


The man on whom the spotlight is on is her long time friend and personal trainer Marco Borges. Little Blue Ivy was born only last month, and the ‘Naughty Girl’ singer has already lost 14 pounds, with his help.


A close friend of their family revealed saying, “Beyoncé and Marco are up at 5 a.m. for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5 p.m. They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance.”


What she is eating, you may wonder. We are told that she’s “living on protein shakes, egg-white omelettes, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water.”


Thought she is trying to be the best mother that she can be, she’s “vowed to have a better body than ever before… and she’s a woman of her word,” revealed another source.


Go, Bey, Go! Go get ‘em all!


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So This Is How Beyoncé Got That Sexy Post-Baby Body?