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Does Lea Michele Obnoxiously Gloat About Her Weight Loss?

Lea MicheleOh Lea, Lea, Lea, Y U NO nice no more? The Glee actress Lea Michele has been accused of rubbing her weight loss in the faces of her co-stars in the In Touch magazine’s February print edition.


Lea Michele has never been fat, but she seems to have lost at least 10 pounds. She has now joined the Hollywood “Size 2” bandwagon. But did she stop there? Apparently, not. She had to gloat about that to everyone that she is working with in a pretty obnoxious way.


Here is the excerpt from In Touch magazine:

Just like annoying Rachel Berry on “Glee,” Lea Michele is equally obsessed with perfection. A set insider says the actress never misses an opportunity to tell castmates how much weight she’s lost and the calorie count of just about everything that goes into her mouth. “It’s rubbing everyone the wrong way,” says the insider. Lea, 25, publicly said she lost weight because of an infection in her jaw and a vegan diet, but the insider says that she also works out nonstop. “I can eat some b*tches under the table!” she’s been quoted as saying. Maybe next time try eating something on the table.”


 “Eat some b*tches under the table” – That’s right Lea, keep telling yourself that. Perhaps, you should first try eating something that is on the table. Besides, whatever happened to your sensible self?


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Does Lea Michele Obnoxiously Gloat About Her Weight Loss?