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“Evil Queen” Charlize Theron Dines At Top Chef

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Charlize Theron

Young Adult star Charlize Theron was treated to an “Evil Queen” dinner at the reality show, "Top Chef", recently. Theron had been invited as a guest judge on the Texas version of the show as she dined at top Chef while enjoying dishes inspired from her latest outing “Snow White & The Huntsman.”


Dressed in a white Grecian gown, Charlize looked every inch a pretty dame, however, the spooky fare served in front of her belied her “true intentions.” Besides being treated like a queen, the 36-year-old Hollywood actor was also asked to judge every recipe served by the contestants on the show.


1) The Evil Queen Dinner


 When asked what she would cook as an evil dish, Charlize said, “If I was to make a dish that was evil, I would make just any dish and put poison in it.” Horrific it sounds, right? And the way she said it, with her eyes bulging out and her black-colored fingernails clawed up, it probably sounded true too, but, nah! We would give her the benefit of doubt.


2) The Evil Dinner


Some of the dishes served to Charlize include:-

  1. Contestant Paul – He served Foie gras with bacon, pumpernickel, pickled cherries, and beets. After he described the dish in full bloom, Charlize exclaimed, “I love this because that is so beautiful and that is so scary!!!” She meant the hand imprint from beet juice on her plate when she said scary.
  2. Contestant Grayson – She had cooked black chicken with roasted, pickled beet, quail egg, and bread char for she wanted the dish to look like “a chicken got slaughtered on a plate.” Charlize take? “Its crispy and delicious!!!”
  3. Contestant Chris J – He made an apple pie/cherry pie, which he called “poisoned apple. He described the dish as “pie shell, granola mix in the bottom, puffed rice added to it.” The Evil Queen said, “This whole combination worked really well for me..”


3) Charlize’s Day Out


Charlize enjoyed her dinner thoroughly during which she tucked into as many as seven meal courses, while sitting with the Top Chef judges around a dining table. The dinner came to an end with the usual toast but not before Theron asked for the eliminated contestant’s “head on a platter,” much like her character in the movie that she is doing.


While Charlize Theron is known to be very diet-conscious , her day out at the ‘Top Chef’ saw her indulging herself on the choicest  dishes served up by the contestants. Do catch the promo of this episode of the Top Chef on Youtube.


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“Evil Queen” Charlize Theron Dines At Top Chef