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Vikas KhannaMasterChef India Season 2 may be just over, but celebrity guest judge, chef Vikas Khanna cannot get over the experience. However, another experience, an ongoing one, which is even closer to his heart is making films  on the spiritual connect of food. Based in the US for more than a decade, Chef  Khanna has whipped up a “holy feast” right from the White House kitchen to the banks of the Ganges in India.  








1) Holy Kitchen



Vikas Khanna

Currently in the process of making a series of documentary films, named ‘Holy Kitchens,’ Chef Khanna keeps his focus on food vis a vis religion. The first part of his series was based on the ‘langar’ food, which is free lunch served to visitors at gurudwara, the place of worship for the Sikh community. The next part of the series is going to be based on the Hindu deity Krishna and the food served in relevance to his devotees. Khanna speaks about his next move, “The next (part) is centered around Krishna and his devotees. The film gives a peek into the simple yet delicious fare at the ISKCON temples.” ISKCON stands for “International Society for Krishna Consciousness.” He will further make a film on ‘Iftaar’, the holy feast, in which Muslims the world over break their daily fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. Chef Khanna visited the Haas University in Egypt to carry out research with regard to this project.



2) The Indian Connect

Chef Vikas Khanna

Despite being based in the US for about 10 years now, Chef Khanna has been doing whatever he can to keep the spirit of Indian cuisine alive in a foreign land. He runs restaurants, writes, teaches, and hosts programs about the Indian cuisine and his main aim in doing so is to make his native cuisine a world favorite. In his own words, “My Kakori kebabs have been confirmed as the most authentic by the most die-hard of gourmets.” Though, he is quick to relinquish any quest for the secret recipe, which he prised out of the Lucknawi bawarchis (Cooks of Lucknow).



3) MasterChef Experience!

masterchef india 2 judges

Chef Khanna becomes nostalgic when asked what he will miss the most about the show, of which he has been a part for more than two months. He says, “…I will miss the dressing up and going to work, besides, also being treated to such great food every week!” He further says, “I am going to put up the profiles, photos and recipes of all top 12 contestants on my website. I will write about them on my website, and other social networking sites. These contestants will be able to utilize this exposure for future and I want to help them in any way I can. The world will meet my Zaikebaaz and lot of American media will be interested to know what I think about the contestants and how they are different from the people who work with me there.”


Now with this show over, Chef Khanna will move on to his series “Holy Kitchens” as well as his other interests. However, what remains core to his personality is his love for Indian food, which he intends to keep close to his heart and take forward with his 'holy' plans.


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