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Creepy Celeb Food Fetishes

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Angelina Jolie — AngelinaIf you thought that only we mortals have strange food fetishes, know that our celebs are no different. From butterflies, to rattle snakes to cockroaches, our oh-so-posh and suave celebs neatly hide their queerest food fixation with aplomb. Here's a little dope on what celebrity food fetishes include.


Angelina Jolie, who is best known for her free radical ways, reportedly ate and approved of a Cambodian "cockroach" dish, which she termed as a "high protein snack food." Queer indeed! Although she survived, scientists say that eating cockroaches could be fatal.


Popular American singer and cultural icon Elvis Presley swore by his sandwich, which he especially got from his favorite food joint, 800 miles away from his home, called the "Fool's Gold". This was a big loaf of bread, hollowed in between and packed with peanut butter, grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. However, gorging on such high fat food did no favors to his waistline, although he succumbed to drugs and not his lavish food habits.


Did you know that, legendary explorers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay dined on chicken noodle soup ad canned apricots before scaling the Everest? What more, Tenzing buried bits of chocolates on the snow while they scaled upwards.


Once a tubby soprano, Maria Callas graduated to become a glamorous opera star after losing weight after eating tapeworm - on purpose. A tapeworm, which lives inside the intestines and eat food before you digest it, has been found to cause weight loss - but experts strongly recommend against the practice.


These creepy food fetishes have certainly got my head reeling, what about you?

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Creepy Celeb Food Fetishes