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What Do These Celebs Love To Eat?

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Madonna — Celebs and FoodFrom dark chocolate seasoned with smoked sea salt to pralines and cream and from spicy squash soup to peach crisps, celebs have varied food fetishes like normal mortals. Sounds far-fetched? If you wonder what your favorite celebs love to eat, then scroll down this blog where they spill their favorite food secrets. Now if you only thought that these celebs survived on a meal fit for a bird, get ready to be pleasantly surprised.


We begin with US President Barrack Obama who is quite famous for his unique food fetishes. From 'plantars trail mix' to 'chewing gums' to 'chili' American President quite a long list of favorites it seems. His food dislike includes mayonnaise, asparagus, salt and vinegar potato chips and vinegar.


Christiano Ronaldo, the latest soccer heartthrob, apparently swear by his  PortugueseChristiano Ronaldo — Foodie Bacalhau a Bras, a cod dish that is quite a delicacy back home. But that is not all. Ronaldo seems to be very careful about what he eats and usually avoids all kinds of junk food and likes to thrive on high-protein food.


It's hard to guess if Julia Roberts really eats, going by her slender, wispy figure, but the truth is that this Hollywood superstar loves to hog on biscuits, gravy and grits and absolutely swear by fresh peach crisps, her all time favorite dessert.


Madonna, the "queen of pop," believes in moderation when it comes to food and steadfastly sticks to a microbiotic menu when it comes to daily food. Her favorite happens to be amazed salad that includes eggs, olives, artichokes, avocadoes and more.


Last but not the least, wonder what media mogul Oprah Winfrey likes on her plate? No points for guessing. It's the very delectable Caribbean spicy squash soup prepared using winter squash and plantains.


If you have always wanted to dine like a celeb, now you most likely know what fills up their plate.


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What Do These Celebs Love To Eat?