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MasterChef India 2 feels like Homecoming!

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Kunal Kapoor — MasterChef 2For Chef Kunal Kapoor, hosting MasterChef 2 is has been like a homecoming. And why not? Chef Kapoor, who brilliantly co-hosted the last season together with Akshay Kumar and Chef Ajay Chopra, has won millions of heart and attention with his stint in the show.

Chef Kapoor seems to be completely bowled over by the grit, passion, and love of the contestants for cooking. Says he, “Just after the Bootcamp itself, Ajay and I were discussing about the high level of preparation among the contestants this year. They aren’t interested in just the prize money, it is very clear that the MasterChef India 2 title is what they want. The contestants are proving what I truly believe in – Anyone can cook!”

Chef Kapoor is also overly impressed with the way the nation’s take towards cooking is changing with the show. “Earlier there was no glory attached to the profession of cooking. We are fond of food, yet we have no respects for chefs. Humein woh nazariya badalna hai.”

Talking of his camaraderie with Chef Ajay and Chef Vikas Khanna, he said, “While we are serious trio once the cameras start rolling, even in the high pressure atmosphere, off camera we have a lot of fun. Ajay is like a brother and Vikas is a dear friend. Ajay and I have a funny bone. Jo set pe galat pronunciation karta hai, hum log uski acting kar lete hai. We pull Vikas’ legs also for his American-Punjabi accent.”

Lastly, he shares his wisdom, “Good food is not cooked with good recipes, but with the right attitude.”


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MasterChef India 2 Feels Like Homecoming!