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Hillary Duff To Cook Her First Thanksgiving Dinner

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Hilary goes shopping for Thanksgiving dinner Hilary Duff, the actress- turned–singer-turned-philanthropist, is going to attempt to do something which she has never done before. The multi-talented star Hilary Duff has tweeted that she will cook her first turkey, especially for Thanksgiving, this year.


She also revealed, she is nervous and is doing a test round with the turkey. Apparently she knows someone who just can’t wait to have it! She posted a picture of her dog Dubois, sniffing at the turkey later on. How cute.


Take a look at this picture, Hilary spotted walking out of the supermarket with lots of food, seems like someone is all geared up to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year.


The other celebrities cooking Thanksgiving dinner are Jessica Simpson, Mario Lopez, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, to name a few.


While some celebrities are busy preparing for their Thanksgiving dinner, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt were spotted preparing Thanksgiving food for the homeless people. It’s a good thing when celebrities take out time to do something good for the less fortunate people.


Well, I hope everyone enjoys the turkey in the Duff household, and wish that Hilary continues to carry on the tradition of cooking Thanksgiving Dinner every year.


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Hillary Duff To Cook Her First Thanksgiving Dinner