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What's Thanksgiving Without A Little Gaga!

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Lady Gaga — CelebsLady Gaga loves to be in headlines, for all the good and bad reasons, and this time she is making waves for her Thanksgiving Day celebration. No, she doesn’t really plan to turn up in a turkey-meat dress to commemorate the holiday, but has instead decided to take her Little Monsters into her family’s home this Thanksgiving. Lady Gaga plans to spend her Thanksgiving wafting glitter on kids, dousing a fowl in oil and doing a duet with an old chap. To cut the long story short, she plans to host a televised bash called "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" to bring on Turkey's Day.


To celebrate the turkey day, Lady Gaga has come up with a very special 90-minute special that will air right at a time when everybody sits down for a little catnap after stuffing his or her faces. Apparently, Lady Gaga came up with the idea and even produced it.


One of the major highlights of the special is going to be celebrity chef Art Smith who will teach Lady Gaga to use a waffle iron. Other attraction of the show would be Lady Gaga assisting the chef in preparing perennial Thanksgiving favorite, deep fried turkey.


Well, what to expect from the special is best left to time to disclose. However, from the little preview that is doing rounds now, it seems the special is only going to be star studded with guest stars like Tony Bennett and Katie Couric making special appearance in the show other than Chef Art Smith and Gaga.


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What's Thanksgiving Without A Little Gaga!