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Heavy D's Health Crusade

Heavy D

Though this iconic rapper of the '90's marketed & branded himself with his heavyset image, his physical fitness trainer tell a different story. The law enforcement officials confirmed that Heavy D weighed 344 pounds and measured in at 6'4”, at the time of his death. In his last days, Heavy D had taken his health very seriously, and battled against the flab till the very end. Insiders report that he ran on the treadmill almost everyday and frequented several L.A gyms. He had also tried to incorporate hiking and boxing into his fitness regimen.     


Tony (last name unknown), was one his most recent trainers and he had helped Heavy D to lose 150 pounds back in 200. He told TMZ that Heavy D had signed up with Ultra Body Fitness in West Hollywood 3 months prior to his death, and that he wanted to formulate a new strategy for his training program.


Tony also told TMZ that at the time of his death, he looked as though he hadn't worked out in a while. The 'Now That We've Found Love' rapper used to frequent the gym, 6 to 7 days at the his peak fitness phase.


To the staff and members of the Ultra Body Fitness gym, the death of their beloved rapper Heavy D is still a shock and they pray that his soul rests in peace.


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Heavy D's Health Crusade