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Mariah Carey Has Lost 70 Pounds After The Twins!

Mariah Carey

In last night episode of 'The Rosie Show', a very visibly pleased Mariah Carey revealed that she has lost 70 pounds, 6 months after the birth of her twins; Roc and Roe! The 41 year old singer wore a tight black miniskirt and a deep cut leather jacket that amplified her hot new post-baby diva figure.


We knew that Mariah Carey was taking it slow when it came to her post pregnancy weight loss. She has now confirmed that she was on a 'strict diet and exercise' to achieve her current body. The 'We Belong Together' singer strictly relied on Jenny diet plan (formerly Jenny Craig). "The first week, I lost 40 lbs. … of just water. It was just water, initially. When I started with the program, I lost at least 30 lbs. of weight that needed to be lost," she said.Mariah Carey


Carey explained to O'Donnell that it was a difficult pregnancy for her that ended with a C-section delivery. She had also experienced acute edema during pregnancy, which made her feel that she was not going to be the same person again. So was also asked not to do any strenuous exercise. So, she said, "The diet is 90 percent of it." And she also had to keep eating small portions throughout the day to keep her metabolism high.


For Mariah Carey, the whole point of the weight loss was not like: “Oh, hey, look at me and my weight loss, I'm fantastic.” The weight loss journey for her has been really about health.


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Mariah Carey Has Lost 70 Pounds After The Twins!