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Lady Gaga Loves Her Whiskey!

Lady GagaLady Gaga sure knows how to hold her drink in, especially if it is her favorite whiskey: Jameson! The 'Born This Way' songstress has always been public about her love for this whiskey and has been photographed with that drink, many times.


Jameson Irish Whiskey sales have increased by 50 percent worldwide since 2006. Some speculate that Lady Gaga has played a part in it. In a concert in Ireland, she dedicated a song to “my longtime boyfriend Jameson” (the man), who was “always there for me when I need him." And before she sang 'Speechless' to her enthralled audience, she announced “When the show is over, the glass is always half-full.” Having such words coming out of a global celebrity, would only increase the sales without a doubt.


We all remember Lady Gaga's 'drunk diet' and its key component as whiskey (Jameson, of course). It apparently helps her to fine tune into her creative mental space. In one of her earlier interviews with Sirius Morning Mash Up radio show. "I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I'm working.


Lady Gaga's tryst with Jameson Irish Whiskey does not stop there. She even managed to successfully have herself permanently banned from the New York Yankees' clubhouse for getting drunk on Jameson whiskey and groping herself in the full view of the public.


Whatever be the case, we are sure that Jameson folk's are secretly happy with all the free publicity that they can get. Thanks to Lady Gaga!


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Lady Gaga Loves Her Whiskey!