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When Chef Vikas Khanna made his debut appearance on the inaugural episode of the MasterChef India Season 2 as a celebrity judge, the 50-odd contestants from all over India received him with catcalls, whistles, and thunderous applause. Two weeks into the television program, the applause just refuses to die. Not because Khanna is an amiable personality, which he is, but also because he comes across as an extremely humble, downright honest, and encouraging to the contestants. The contestants and the Indian Television has come to love this "Hottest Chef in New York" and how.


'Pin-up Boy'?


Early response to the MasterChef has been good and this despite the conspicuous absence of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who hosted the first season. The show, which has managed to retain its international essence, has successfully diluted most of the form and content of the original series and designed it as per the Indian standards. However, some of the critics have said that it is Chef Vikas Khanna's good looks that are distracting the contestants. Weak criticism, we would say because, after all, good looks never killed anyone, right?


Michelin Star Chef


Chef Vikas Khanna brings a type of international flavor to the show, which is normally not seen among other hosts on the Indian Television. Though the show is also adjudged by Chefs Ajay Chopra and Kunal kapoor. However, Chef Vikas has stepped in to correct the imbalance since the last season. Many had started to claim that MasterChef's first season had started to resemble like another of Akshay Kumar's reality shows, Khatron Ke Khiladi. His humility, affable nature and encouraging attitude towards the contestants has already endeared him to several fans of the show.


The Connection


In its second week episode, Chef Vikas was moving around between the contestants asking them about the recipes that they were making for one of the qualifying rounds. One of the contestants, a young lad, told Vikas that he was making a recipe taught to him by his grandmother. A visibly moved Chef Vikas told the contestant that their stories were similar because he himself had learnt to cook under the benign guidance of his own grandmother while growing up in Amritsar. It is through these small ways that the new judge on the MasterChef India Season 2 has been trying to connect with the contestants and, in turn, with the audience.

Although the show is still in the nascent stage of the second season, Chef Vikas Khanna has already started to make his mark on the audience and seems set for a good stint on the Indian television.

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Hiral.shah's picture Chef Vikas Khanna Creates Waves As MasterChef India Season 2 Judge