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PETA Slams Mischa Barton For Her Raw Meat Photo Shoot!

PETA Slams Mischa Barton For Her Raw Meat Photo Shoot!

The O.C star Mischa Barton, and the at times controversial photographer Tyler Shields who was responsible for the entire raw meat photo shoot are the newest target of the famous animal rights group – PETA!         



Mischa Barton appeared in Tyler Shields' photographs that show her biting into a raw slab of beef. The photographer who is now in a lot of negative media limelight said that he came up with this idea when he saw her eating a hamburger one day. “All I could think about was just meat all over her face," he said. On the day of the photo shoot, Shields told Barton, “By the way, I bought $65 of meat and I want you to eat it raw and put it on your face.” She obliged him by saying, “OK!”. However, he said that The Oh In Ohio actress was a bit reluctant when it came to chomping the meat and making it look believable.


PETA Protest

In a statement issued to TooFab magazine, PETA has said, "This raw meat stuff is getting old and may not only hurt and kill cows, it may hurt Mischa, because so much meat is infected with salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter that licking it is like licking a toilet." PETA also went on to say that there was nothing original about this photo shoot. “It's completely callous—flesh from a tortured animal isn't a joke, isn't camp, and isn't cool. Meat is full of blood, is produced with violence, and causes great suffering. So if that's the look they were going for, too bad: They could have taken a leaf out of the playbooks of Pamela Anderson and Alyssa Milano, two PETA pinups who have shown off their natural beauty in outfits made of lettuce leaves for PETA's 'Let Vegetarianism Grow on You' campaign," ended the statement.



Tyler Shields believes that he has not done anything wrong and therefore is unapologetic. As a reply to PETA, he issued his statement to TooFab by saying, "I am not for the suffering of animals. But I didn't kill that cow. I eat meat and I've always eaten meat and that's part of my life. But when they attack me as an artist and try and degrade Mischa, that's unacceptable." The photographer also said that he threw out the slab of meat that was used in the photo shoot, but used the leftovers by throwing a “nice barbecue” party for a bunch of people.

MIscha Barton and Tyler shields


This is probably the most controversial thing after Lady Gaga's meat dress. However, Mischa Barton or her media representatives are yet to respond about the 'meaty' situation that she is in.


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PETA Slams Mischa Barton For Her Raw Meat Photo Shoot!