Ricki Lake Is On 'The Derek Hough Diet' On DWTS And Has Lost 13 Inches!

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Ricki Lake Says That The Derek Hough Diet On DWTS Has Helped Her Lose 13 Inches!Ricki Lake is the 'Incredibly Shrinking Woman' on Dancing With The Stars this season. The 43 year old American actress and talk show host said she is on amazing 'The Derek Hough Diet' in the Ellen DeGeneres show last week.


Ellen Degeneres began by complimenting Ricki Lake by saying, “I think you look great. I haven’t seen you in a while, but I read that you’re losing inches.” Ricki Lake who was there with Derek Hough replied, “I lost more than 13 inches in a month — it’s crazy. The Derek Hough diet is the best: I lost 5 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips… it’s hardcore.”


The original Hairspray actress in fact compared her dance practice sessions to child birthing experience. “They prepare us,” Ricki explains.. “They say it’s the hardest thing you will ever do and you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve done hard.”Ricki Lake Says That The Derek Hough Diet On DWTS Has Helped Her Lose 13 Inches!


Ricki Lake who is engaged to Christian Evans, wants to lose some serious pounds before her wedding. A visibly thinner Ricki now believes that she will achieve her goal weight by the time the show ends. “We work out all day long… we are sweating all over each other… a lot of people would feel that I’m very lucky to be in this position, but it’s hard work and very fulfilling,” she said.


Derek Hough and Ricki Lake are the top contenders of DWTS this season and last night they top scored with the season's highest of 29 points with their Tango!


Image Courtesy: xfinitytv.comcast.net, facebook.com/TheRickiLakeShow


P.S. I so wanna be on 'The Derek Hough Diet' now.

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OMG! Simply awesome!
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It takes two to tango but never thought u could lose 13 inches too!