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Jerry Ferrara's Weight Loss: 55 Pounds!

Jerry Ferrara's Weight Loss: 55 Pounds!Jerry Ferrara, the 31 year old actor who rose to fame by playing the role of 'Turtle' a.k.a Sal in HBO's Entourage has now dropped a whopping 55 pounds. And there is nothing "turtlish" about his weight gain journey, I must say!


Jerry Ferrara was on a gradual weight loss journey starting with last year and he had not revealed how much he lost only until recently. So when he was asked how did it all happen, Ferrara said, "It's been a long road. I did it because I was feeling unhealthy and had no energy. I got bored of my routine. I literally woke up and said I'm going to try this." He also had a nutritionist friend who "wrote up a very conservative diet," for him . Of course he had to follow it respectfully.


He literally had to exchange burgers and fries for include tofu, fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Our man here also began to incorporate exercise into his life. “I’m just eating well. I really changed everything [about] what I ate and was drinking. Nothing drastic, just gradual changes.” He started working out and started going on hikes in Los Angeles' Runyan Canyon.


Ferrara continued, "You may only lose two pounds a months. I try to do something once a day where I'm active." The only advice that has for people embarking on their own personal weight loss journeys is this: "Be patient."


Jerry Ferrara's weight loss has affected his character on Entourage's 8th and final season that the they had to incorporate his weight into it. Now he said, "People come up to me and say, 'You look great now. You were really fat,'" he continued, laughing, "That's sweet."


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Jerry Ferrara's Weight Loss: 55 Pounds!