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Ricki Lake Loses 8.5 inches On DWTS!

Ricki Lake Loses 8.5 inches On DWTS!Ricki Lake, who is best known for her leading role as Tracy Turnbald in the original Hairspray and her talk show; is now losing weight at a steady pace on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). This American talk show host and actress stated that she has lost an overall of 8.5 inches. In a recent interview with the People magazine, she said, "When I went in for a costume fitting, I've lost 8.5 inches. Three inches in my waist. Three in my hips. Over an inch in my thighs and another inch and a half on my arms. It's crazy." All this... in 3 weeks; we can only anticipate how much more she would lose in the coming weeks.


Ricki Lake's weight has fluctuated in the past. In November 2007, Ricki Lake cited sexual abuse as a child as a reason for her problems with obesity. But in 2007, she had lost 125 pounds, going down from 260 pounds to 120 pounds. Then she gained some weight since her engagement to Christian Evans, which I estimate to be around 30 pounds.   


This DWTS contestant said that last season's participant Kirstie Alley's 100 pound weight loss was one of the reasons for her to participate in the. And guess what ... she is losing weight already! Thanks to her hot,  persuasive, eye candy of a dance partner Derek Hough, and 5 hours of dancing everyday; Lake has already dropped a pant size. "I have two sizes of Lucky Brand jeans: 8 and 6. Usually I wear the 8 because they are more comfortable but now even the 6 is too big. They used to be tight," she told People.Ricki Lake Loses 8.5 inches On DWTS!


With her shrinking waistline and other body parts, her confidence is returning. "I'm really getting in great shape, I'll be wearing less and less clothing. The smaller I get, the less will be covered," said a beaming Ricki Lake after her Jive performance.


So, what is Ricki Lake eating, you may ask. The lady eats oatmeal or an egg white veggie omelet for breakfast, gazpacho and chicken breast for lunch and turkey meatloaf, salad and a "bit of mashed potatoes" for dinner along with an occasional glass of wine or low-fat cookies for dessert. And oh! Don't forget to add dancing to that diet. But, eye candies like Derek Hough are allowed as guilty indulgences!


Go Ricki! Go Ricki! Go Ricki!


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Ricki Lake Loses 8.5 Inches On DWTS!