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Nia Vardalos Weight Loss – 40 Pounds!!

Yes, our favorite comic actress , Nia Vardalos has lost 40 pounds and she is in the best shape of he life at 49 years. This is why I had to write about her diet. Some people thought that she lost weight because of the ever mount pressure of the need to be skinny in Hollywood. But that was not the case with My Fat Greek Wedding actress. "It was never about that Hollywood pressure to lose weight, I laugh at that. It was always just an issue of health," she continued "Some people have been calling it a comeback, I actually call it a resurfacing."


So How Did Nia Vardalos Lose 40 Pounds?

Nia Vardalos said that she comes from a family that has a long history of diabetes and blood sugar related problems. To top this, she was also diagnosed with a thyroid disease. Her doctor gave her a warning by saying that if she doesn't take charge of her health, she might be flirting with some grave health issues.


This My Life In Ruins actress became more disciplined with her eating and started make conscious efforts into what she is feeding her body. “It was really hard, but I did it through exercise, and it took a year," she said. She formulated her own diet and fitness plan, and guess what? - it worked! It consists of three low-glycemic meals a day and four snacks. “Now, I stay away from diet foods, they're filled with salt and sugar. I don't do diet soda, I don't do artificial sweeteners, I don't do any of those things anymore...but I did in the past.” said the actress. And also cut down on the quantity of her food intake and moved around more.


Nia Vardalos' doctor did advise her to take the help of a trainer to shed some pounds. But she just struck to going on long walks with her dog. "I'm not one of those people that can suddenly start running and hire a Pilates trainer, it's just not my thing. The walks helped clear my head. I was weighing myself once a week, just trying not to be obsessive about it. I just wanted to feel better; I wanted to feel healthy," she said.


How did she keep herself motivated through her weight loss journey, you may ask.? “I would just stand naked in my closet and try things on. I didn't want it to be about losing weight, or what I looked like, but how I felt. The reward was how much energy I was gaining every single day. I could feel myself coming out of my period of grief. I felt refreshed," she said.


Adios people and that is how the cookie crumbles!


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Nia Vardalos Weight Loss – 40 Pounds!!