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Angelina Jolie Weighs Just 99 Pounds!

Angelina Jolie weighs just 99 poundsYes, Angelina Jolie weighs just 99 pounds! If there is something more disturbing than Angelina Jolie trying to thwart Jennifer Aniston's wedding; it would definitely be her attention seeking weight loss. The Cannes Film Festival witnessed a shockingly skinny Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt. As reported by some 'insiders' at the film festival, Angelina Jolie looked very 'spaced out', 'emancipated' and 'fragile'.


As per one source, Angelina Jolie is often found swaggering, and fainting because of undernourishment. This is fast becoming an issue for her concerned partner Brad Pitt who is now shooting in Scotland for a zombie-thriller. Another source told the Star magazine that, “Angie has gotten so skinny and frail, Brad thinks she needs professional help.” The same source also claimed that Brad Pitt staged an 'intervention' with their family to help Angelina get better.


It is speculated that it could be her own insecurities that is causing her weight loss. “Brad is really concerned with her eating habits,” says the source. “She’s existing on cereal bars and fruit smoothies and has slipped to just 99 pounds. She is so thin yet will still go on a carrot-juice fast for days.” Oh Boy! That is some scary stuff! This means that Angelina Jolie does not eat anything more than 500 calories in a day, and that is 700 calories below the minimum requirement for an adult female. The situation is so bad that Brad Pitt leaves food all over the place, hoping that she will snack. Sources say that he wants her to gain at least 10 pounds.


The same skinny Angelina Jolie is now spotted all over Britain and Europe as her partner continues to shoot for his new movie. Photographs show no improvement in her and she continues to remain underweight. To calm the media that is going wild with her weight loss, she did make a statement stating that she finds nothing more satisfying than a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and sausages every morning. Yeah right!


As for my part, I'm sending Angelina some baked sausages for her to eat!



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Angelina Jolie Weighs Just 99 Pounds!