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Jay-Z Cooks For Pregnant Beyoncé!

The man dotes his wife – Rapper Jay -Z cooks for pregnant Beyoncé. Yes, the 41 year old rapper is making sure that he has enough time for his pregnant wife. Beyoncé, 29, is carrying the couple's first child. Sources said that Jay -Z is 'pulling out all the stops' to take care of her.


A beaming Beyoncé revealed her baby bump at the recently concluded MTV Video Music Awards; which immediately created twitter history(8,868 tweets per second). Reportedly, Beyoncé is not much of cook, so she has her doting husband cook for her now.(Sigh!) A source said, “Jay has been cooking for her — something he used to do all the time.”


Beyoncé's favorite food is the soul food. She is a Southern belle after all. In one of her earlier interviews about her favorite foods, she said, “I love fried fish, fried shrimp and all different types of pasta. If it's fattening, I love it! The trouble is it goes to my sides, my hips and my butt real quick." The source said, “He’s a really good cook. Last week she came home and he had cooked up fried catfish, her all-time favorite.” I suppose she is craving for fatty and salty thing during her pregnancy. I also suppose that Beyoncé would have to work doubly hard to shed the pregnancy weight, thanks to Mr. Fried Catfish.


Jay -Z is also whipping up some pasta dishes for her as she loves them too. One of her favorite pasta dishes would be penne rigate with spicy sausage and peas from the New York's Madison Avenue eatery Nello. The source continued, “ And there was her favorite pasta dish the week before. He’s really pulling out all the stops for her. It’s very sweet.” Yet another favorite pasta dish of Beyoncé would be tomatoes and parsley pasta.


Guess what else does this rapper do for his pregnant wife, apart from cooking for her regularly? An insider said, “He comes home with roses almost every night. He’s been running her warm baths and offering her nightly back rubs.” Oh-so-romantic! I know.


Beyoncé and Jay -Z – Congratulations to you both!


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Jay-Z Cooks For Pregnant Beyoncé!