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The Legend Of Tendulkar Grows On, Courtesy Coca Cola

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Sachin Tendulkar - Master blaster

The legend of the batsman, the world knows as the ‘Master Blaster,’ is set to grow larger with a cool 6.5 million special Coca-Cola cans, with the pictures of Sachin Tendulkar. The maestro of the bat is one century away from becoming the first batsman in the world to score 100 international centuries and the Coca Cola Company is ready to cash in on this trivia. The news comes in the wake of the fact that everyone is expecting Sachin to score his hundredth international century soon, what with India playing England for four tests and five one-day internationals, in a series starting from July 21, 2011.

Tendulkar, who has signed a hefty endorsement deal with the beverages company, will have the coke cans dedicated to 10 of his selected international centuries that he has made so far. The company is going to print the pictures of Sachin along with selected statistics of these centuries.


When is the launch?


The company is all set to launch the cans soon. The move is the first time that a celebrity or a brand ambassador will feature on the Coke beverages packages in India, although in other parts of the world, like some European markets, Coca Cola has printed celebrity pictures on   its beverages. Fans of the cricketing legend believe, this could be the best tribute to Sachin, especially when he is at the brink of his 100th international century.



That is not all! Sachin Tendulkar Coca Cola Can


However, that is not all, as the soft drinks company is also going to launch a large-scale media campaign to coincide with Tendulkar’s 100th century, whenever he scores one. The mass media campaign has been created by the reputed ad agency McCann Erickson for Coca Cola and the industry experts are of the opinion that anything of this large a scale needs to be implemented properly for it to become a sure-shot winner.



The line continues to grow!


Other brands endorsed by the legend include Adidas, luxury Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet, Aviva Life Insurance, Royal Bank of Scotland and Toshiba. These brands are also preparing to leverage upon the Sachin mania, when it hits the world, in the form of the Master Blaster’s impending 100th international century.


Image Credits:, Coca Cola India



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The Legend Of Tendulkar Grows On, Courtesy Coca Cola