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Sandra Bullock's Sister Moves From Film Making To Cake Baking

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In a sudden twist of events, Gesine Prado has made a crossover from film making to cake baking. Now don’t go about wondering who in the world she is! She is none other than Hollywood diva Sandra Bullock’s sister who has turned her passion for baking into a full time career by opening her own confectionary shop in Montpelier, Vermont.


Gesine’s new cake shop is a venture she has started with her husband Ray. And guess who came for the store’s opening? None other than Sandra Bullock! The “Miss Congeniality” star surprised everyone by her appearance and also served behind the counter handing out cookies and cakes to the eager customers. And before you start thinking that the actress is planning a switchover of jobs, let me assure you that Sandra’s appearance was just a show of support for her sister’s venture.

For Gesine, the change in career track from film making to cake baking came after her nine years’ stint working with her sister’s production company, Fortis Films.

When Gesine voiced her decision to quit the film production comapny, Sandra was sad but she also supported her sister in her choice.

Gesine who is six years younger to Sandra Bullock, describes herself as someone who is “painfully shy” and “socially retarded”. She also said that she found the Hollywood lifestyle exhausting and disillusioning.

So while to the outsiders her life may seem picture perfect and glamorous, what with A-list parties, couture wardrobe and spending time among the film stars, Gesine’s decision to shift from film making to cake baking was born out of her disenchantment with her life working for Hollywood.

And her mother’s death in 2000 proved to be the catalyst for this change. She turned to baking as a way to mourn her loss and that became a kind of ritual of healing for her. In fact it was during this time only that she decided to turn her hobby into vocation and within four years transformed her career path from film making to cake baking.

She quit her job in Los Angeles and set up a shop in 2005 after moving east. She has now ventured into commercial bakery.

Gesine remembers how they moved from Germany to Virginia when Sandra was 11 and she was 6. Their father John worked at the Pentagon and their mother Helga, was a German opera singer who continued to travel back and forth to Europe for her work.

Theirs was a close knit family. And Gesine fondly describes her mother as a master baker who baked scrumptious pastries and other confectionary on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. And this bit of information may come as a surprise to many, but Sandra Bullock’s sister describes the actress as a “pretty remarkable” baker too! Gesine says that till this day, she and her sister recreate some of her mother’s recipes on special family occasions.

Apart from handling the bakery at Montpelier, Gesine has also written a book “Confections Of A Closet Master Baker”, explaining her career change from film making to cake baking.

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Sandra Bullock's Sister Moves From Film Making To Cake Baking