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Sneak Peek At Charlie Sheen’s Favorite Drink - Tiger Blood

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If you haven’t had enough of Charlie Sheen’s antics here’s some more regarding Charlie Sheen’s favorite drink-Tiger Blood. Now that your curiosity is piqued let’s take a sneak peak at 'Tiger Blood.' Charlie Sheen is in the celebrity news for a lot of reasons. If it is not about his TV shows then it is about this personal life. He is  popular among his die-hard fans for his Two and a Half Men show and now with his latest cooking show titled ‘Winning Recipes’ on ‘’.

The latest to catch the attention of the paparazzi is his undying love for a drink that he calls ‘tiger blood’. Instantly vivid images of a tiger being made mince-meat and its blood sucked out comes to mind. Luckily Charlie Sheen’s favorite drink is not so gory or bloody. It is just a harmless fruit juice called Xango, made from a fruit called ‘Mangosteen’ which is neither  mango nor tiger blood. Sheen reportedly has one drink a day. So what exactly is 'Xango mangosteen' and why did it get catapulted into stardom along with Sheen?

Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen is a purple fruit from South East Asia rich in Xanthones that is supposed to promote healthy bodily functions, with 5 g of fiber in it. Alternate names for it is Garcinia mangostana and mangostan. The brand names are Xango, Thai-Go, Mangosteen Plus, Mango-Xan. It is popularly grown in the tropical hot and humid climate southeast of Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. Canada and Hawai have fresh mangosteens available but not the USA, since it is banned from being imported due to insect problems. Xanthones are found in the rind such as the alpha mangostin, beta-mangostin, garcinone B, garcinone E which have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer anti-fungal and antimicrobial functions.

Xango Drink

The Utah based company got the joint running from 2002 and have been popularizing mangosteen juices and products. It is one of the fastest growing companies made even popular with Charlie Sheen professing his patronage for this ‘tiger blood’. Though there is no scientific evidence to prove all the health benefits it is  very popular nonetheless. The rind of this fruit has tannins like in cranberries; which have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties. The side effects haven’t been studied but as the saying goes ‘anything in moderation’ is good. Xango juice is formulated and manufactured daily with a three stage puree process to preserve flavor.

So the next time someone says Charlie Sheen’s favorite drink is ‘Tiger Blood’  you know exactly what they mean.


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Sneak Peek At Charlie Sheen’s Favorite Drink - Tiger Blood