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Celebrity Chef Campaign - Fish Industry Is The Next Target

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There is an ongoing campaign in the UK by chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver to educate both retailers and consumers over the sustainable choices of seafood. For this celebrity chef campaign the fish industry is the next target.

Earlier on their crusade was to raise the standards in the food industry by exposing the usage of cheap, mass produced chicken. They are currently onto a new project raising awareness on the sustainability of the fish industry by targeting the consumer consumption behavior.

The Purpose of the Campaign:

-The TV channel 4’s ‘Big Fish Fight’ season focuses mainly on million tones of fish wasted after fishing.

-Half of the fish caught are thrown back into the waters.

-Fishermen dislike this senseless wastage of food.

-They aim at offering the consumers a wider variety of fish and seafood than what is available in the market.

-Provide better labeling of seafood so that consumers make better choices.

-The ‘shameful waste’ of the widespread practice of discard is the highlight of the video.

-Of the 1 million tones of fish like haddock, cod, whiting and other species are discarded at an environmental cost.

-This occurrence is in the North Sea where wastage is prominent.

-A signature campaign elicited more than 35,000 participants.

- Marine conservation organization including Greenpeace and the Marine Conservation Society has supported the campaign.

-Shoppers are encouraged to buy the smaller oily fish like the mackerel, herring and sardines as a sustainable choice.

-Add on more good white fish to the menu and while purchasing too.

-Charles Clovers book had highlighted that not improving fishing methods will see the end of seafood by 2048.

 Basing on these points it becomes imperative for the public to take on the challenge and stop the mass fishing and wastage of species that could hamper the fishing industry in future and upset the delicate ecosystem that has sustained the marine life.

The video posted above, is compelling and a must watch.

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Celebrity Chef Campaign - Fish Industry Is The Next Target