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Lady Gaga Meat Dress                           After posing with raw meat bikini wrapped on her body for the latest cover of Japanese Men's 'Vogue' magazine, the fashionista American pop singer, Lady Gaga is again here to show her meat love. Lady Gaga has again gone under the skin of the raw meat by putting on an especial dress of meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday in Los Angeles on September 12. Gaga was captured by the paparazzi in the meat dress while she was up on stage accepting the Video of the Year award during the event.                                                                                                                                                                                       

The young 25-year old singer and dancer, Lady Gaga also paired up her dress with raw meat boots and a clutch. During the event, Gaga also announced intimating details about her upcoming music album named “Born This Way”.  The meat dress was designed by the famous designer, Franc Fernandez. Fernandez has yet to confirm that the dress is actually made by using beef fajita supper or not. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga seems to have the right idea as far as fame is concerned. This relatively unknown singer has become popular all over the world, thanks to her blatantly shocking antics! A meaty way for the  pop diva to create a whole new persona indeed!


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are already furious about meat bikini worn by Gaga in Japanese Men's 'Vogue' magazine cover page. Well, we just wonder what the Peta members have to say about this meaty move of the pop singer. Do comment in to express your opinions. 

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antonella's picture
wow her dress is upper ugly ass hell man at least i have better dresses than hers
Anonymous's picture
oh yea? well why dont u just shut ur mouth about her.
Anonymous's picture
you shut the hell up shes soooo stupid
Anonymous's picture
shut the hell up ! she llok better than you and has way more money bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kittykat xox's picture
tha was a bit wierd like but i dont care wa she wears coz she's fab!!
kittykat xox's picture
ooh an bob the vegitarian she duznt smell bad!
Anonymous's picture
is your name caitlin day ?
Anonymous's picture
Thats nasty....with all the money she has and cannot dress more decent...blahhhhhh
Anonymous's picture
Omgg! this is crazyy she has the money to dress nicely and this is what she wears WTH!
Anonymous's picture
I think that gaga expresses her ideas and makes her points in a way that most people don't understand. I for one choose not to judge her! And if you are so concerned with her dress than should look up the wonderful statement that she was trying to make with this dress( I can almost garentee that you will think differently about gaga because she is extremely intellagent)
Anonymous's picture
unlike you, since you can't even spell intelligent.
Anonymous's picture
i agree.
ANINJA's picture
@antonella she never wore it to be beautiful or good looking she wore it to be different than you and all the other girls
Yeah, right.'s picture
I'd like to see her go to a dog show dressed like that...
geoff's picture
She is a dog...
Anonymous's picture
If only the term dog eat dog world were literal... first to go
Anonymous's picture
this is insane. lol
Ecofoods's picture
Most awkward thing to do,, when there are so many people dying of hunger
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous's picture
Shock pop-rocker blah blah.. (oh you're so unique-sarcasm) I simply feel bad for the people that had to clean up after she left grease and meat juice stains on the chair in the auditorium. But I'm all for meat.. I just prefer mine cooked a little and usually on a plate.
Anonymous's picture
thats mean she can dress whatever she feels like wearing
Oh, flibberty snibbets!'s picture
Eww! What a waste of perfectly good meat!
I HATE THIS C*nt's picture
yeah knowing what a pissant she is she probably had the audacity to donate the meat to catholic charities. Who wants to eat meat that has lady Gaga's snail trail on it. gross. now im glad I dont eat meat.
Anonymous's picture
typical wasteful white american. shes more mainstream and boring than anyone.
Anonymous's picture
release the hounds! lol
Anonymous's picture
is it weird that i want a stake and have a boner at the same time?.... Naaaah!
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous's picture
i cant believe you immature people are arguing over a dress.. grow up