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Lady Gaga’s Raw Meat Bikini VS PETA Veggie Girls

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PETA Veggie Girls

Lady Gaga’s Raw Meat Bikini                   OMG! The lady likes it all raw and she dares enough to show it to the world. Well, I am talking about the fashionista American pop singer, Lady Gaga who is again in news for posing with raw meat bikini wrapped on her body for the latest cover of Japanese Men's 'Vogue' magazine. This out an out carnivorous photo shoot was photographed by Terry Richardson. Known for her superb dancing skills and chameleon fashion personality, Lady Gaga has to face rage from various animal right campaigners after the magazine cover was revealed with images of the pop star.  

The cover snap actually gave heart attack to all PETA members. Contrary to the Lady Gaga cover shoot, PETA is playing a major role in turning more and more celebrities into vegetarians. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have more than 2 million members and is known as one of the largest animal rights organization in the world. There are many celebrities all across the world posing in veggie gowns and bikinis to support PETA. 

So, if you actually compare PETA veggie campaigns and Lady Gaga’s pose for Japanese Men's 'Vogue' magazine, I must say that latter kind of augmented the appetite.

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Lady Gaga’s Raw Meat Bikini VS PETA Veggie Girls