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Cook for Shahrukh Khan!

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Shahrukh Khan

Cook For Shahrukh Khan!!



Its Shahrukh's birthday on November 2nd! The King Khan is without doubt the King of Bollywood and the heartthrob for millions. So this birthday, show your luv for him in a unique way that befits the King Khan! Here are two things you can do


1.Imagine you were to cook for shahrukh on his birthday! What an HONOR. Well its only imagining but so what. Lets have some fun.


Post your favorite cake recipes (add a "shahrukh birthday recipe" tag in the submission) or any other recipe, including perhaps a champagne drink that you may have thought of sharing with him



Who knows he may actually decide to call you to cook for him . Or perhaps the die hard fans among us can actually cook some of the good ones to celebrate his birthday in style.




2. Join the campaign to collect 100,000 (yes ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) Happy Birthday Wishes for Shahrukh. These messages will be posted on a life-size Birthday Card for Shahrukh, making it the biggest card ever if the 10,000 messages are received


So common, whip up the best cake recipes, or bring out your dinner menus and get creative! And take a minute to Show your Luv for the Biggest Star of all times by leaving him a birthday wish







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Cook For Shahrukh Khan!