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Miss Hot Tomato!!!

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Miss Hot Tomato Tracy Griffith photo by Gary Ibsen www.tomatofest.comTracy poses with many Tomato Fest attendees.  Here she is with Dave of Dave's Garden, a popular gardening site www.davesgarden.comI first met Tracy several years ago at the Tomato Fest and we shared a bottle of wine as we chatted after the event.  We compared that we both have green eyes, hers are a blue-green mine an olive green.  We explained this as our fathers are of Welsh heritage.  (Griffith & Evans)  Seems these green eyes are a common trait in Wales.Tracy Griffith is an amazing multi-talented woman, author, sushi chef, actress, artist, scuba diving teacher, and country singer. 

Griffith is the author of Sushi American Style, (Clarkson Potter, 2004). After graduating from the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles, she became the featured sushi chef at Tsunami's restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif.

In addition, Griffith is an actress and singer. Her acting credits include the daytime TV soap "Guiding Light," and feature films "The Good Mother" with Diane Keaton and Liam Neeson, "The Finest Hour" with Rob Lowe and "Crazy in Alabama" with her sister Melanie Griffith.

Tracy's book Sushi American Style is the perfect book for those who just aren't into raw fish.

Tracy has a home-run with this American sushi book.  "Despite any preset ideas you may have about Sushi, the she soundly thrashes them by bringing sushi into the 21st century in a most convincing and capable way. Easy to read with outstandingly artisitc photos to show the flexibility and application of what sushi can be. This is not your father's sushi. If you've ever heard the word "Sushi" and thought "ewww, raw fish", get this book and you'll know the truth about sushi. It's so well written you'll be making these rolls for your next dinner or dinner party."  from D. Carey (Knoxville, TN) "Whether you like traditional sushi or not, you'll love Sushi American Style! The book is as beautiful as its recepies are delicious. I've tried most of them, and loved them all, especially the "Sushi Mosaic Salad" and the "Cordon Bleu Roll." It was easy to learn--my girlfriend, who can't even cook instant oatmeal, made a "Cowyboy Roll" that roped me in. "
Some of the favourites for many readers include:Cowboy Roll - steak, blue cheese, onions and wasabi mayo. Elvis Roll - peanut butter, banana & bacon, batter-dipped and deep-fried. The Sesame Spinach Roll is veganGreen Goddess Roll could easily become vegetarianEvery reviewer gives this book five stars out of five!

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., July 20, 2007—The American Academy of Chefs (AAC), the honor society of the America Culinary Federation (ACF), inducted Tracy Griffith, sushi chef at Rika Restaurant, West Hollywood, Calif., into the AAC as an Honorary Fellow during a formal ceremony and dinner at the 2007 ACF National Convention, July 21-24 in Orlando.

Honorary AAC Fellows are exemplary culinarians or foodservice industry partners who have dedicated many years of service to the promotion of the culinary profession, the ACF and the American Culinary Federation Foundation. Griffith was one of only six individuals inducted this year. In addition, she was given an ACF honorary membership.

Tracy is the daughter of producer Peter Griffith and half-sister of actress Melanie Griffith, Tracy Griffith began her acting career alongside her half-sister in the 1984 film Fear City. Since then, she has appeared in films like The Good Mother (1988), Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989), The First Power (1990), The Finest Hour (1991) and Crazy in Alabama (1999). Adding to her TV movie works, Tracy was also spotted as a guest in TV shows like "21 Jump Street," "The Monroes" and "The Division." TRACY GRIFFITH, sister of Melanie Griffith, at press conference, in Beverly Hills, to launch the U.S. branch of the Sabera Foundation - a non-profit organization committed to changing the lives of street children and women in India. The Madrid-based Sabera Foundation ( enables donors to support projects targeting poor women and girls in Calcutta. Sabera was created in 1999 by Spanish pop singer and songwriter Nacho Cano, who was in India to tape a music video. In Calcutta he was struck by the immense poverty and came to know the little girl Sabera Khatum, whom he encountered picking rags in a garbage dump. He later brought her and her mother to Madrid. Sabera's mother later returned to India, while Sabera now attends school in Madrid. The foundation has programs in shelter, health, education, nutrition and microfinance, and has enlisted prominent Spanish performers to promote the cause. A US branch was launched in October 2002.
 Tracy appeared with her sister Melanie Griffith in a 1999 comedy drama film directed by Melanie's husband Antonio Banderas, Crazy in Alabama, based on Mark Childress' 1993 novel of the same name.

The new millennium saw Tracy in the mystery TV movie Murder in the Mirror, starring Jane Seymour and Robert Desiderio. Three years later in January 2003, she guest starred in popular Lifetime Television cop drama "The Division."

Since "The Division," Tracy has not make any screen appearances as of 2006. A graduate of the California Sushi Academy who becomes one of the first certified female sushi chefs in the world, Tracy is now focusing in her new career as a professional sushi chef. She was featured at Tsunami's restaurant in Beverly Hills. She also gives online sushi class, a cooking series for television, and a project based on her experiences as a female sushi chef.

Tracy also regularly performs at benefits to raise awareness and funds for animal rights and endangered animal preservation. She often works for her friend, actress Tippi Hedren (mother of Melanie Griffith), who operates Shambala, the well-known 80-acre wildlife habitat which Hedren founded in 1983.
 Fun photos from a cigar ad campaign   RedTracy Griffith

Album with 10 tracks

A Country album with something for everyone, from boot-scootin' Western to rockin' country to tender ballads. Easy listening that will rock gently,your country heart.

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Miss Hot Tomato!!!