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Food art for kids: For a balanced diet!

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Want to make breakfast or lunch more fun for your kid? Want to make him/her eat right and eat healthy…?? These are the questions over which I think almost every mother rakes her brains out. Now finally, there is a tangible solution that has emerged for these eternal haunting questions!!


Mark Northeast, a UK-based food artist creates sandwiches in the forms of unique images, such as animals, fun objects, themes and many more, to encourage kids to eat a varied diet. He hopes to soon come out with a photo book of his work. Mark has his own website  -, where you can take a peek at his creations.


Take a look at these amazing, simple and yet cute food and sandwich designs:


sandwich art










To tell the truth I think his designs are truly amazing, ranging from simple ones created with veggies and sauces and multigrain bread and different types of cheese for different color patterns and shapes, he has created a whole new concept of food design and not just for entertainment. I think I’m gonna give some of these a try… the packman looks simple enough and its fun for adults too at times. What do you say??!



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Food Art For Kids: For A Balanced Diet!