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Indian Curries keep the Brain Healthy!

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Eating Indian curry now seems to have double benefits. According to a new research the chemical in turmeric used in Indian curries have a beneficial effect on the brain and helps prevent dementia and brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.




Turmeric and curcumin:


Turmeric, the beneficial effects of which I talked about in my earlier blog, contains curcumin, as the effective chemical. Curcumin has exhibited properties that help prevent the spread of protein based plaques in the brain and its tissues which leads to dementia.




Research evidence shows that people who ate curry meals with turmeric 2-3 times a week had lower risk of brain disorders and diseases like dementia.


How curcumin works:


The curcumin works by binding itself to the plaques chemically in the brain and dissolving them. A curcumin rich diet will also prevent formation of new plaques in the brain. Scientists and researchers are now trying to discover if increasing the amount of curcumin can maximize this effect.


So all you curry lovers out there, indulge…!! Here is one spicy news that is actually healthy!


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Indian Curries Keep The Brain Healthy!