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Grapes: Lowers BP and Keeps Heart Healthy

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Grapes have long been held as being very healthy for the heart. In fact a bunch of hanging grapes even roughly resembles the shape of a heart.

How do grapes benefit the heart?

Grapes and grape juice are rich in phyto-chemicals and polyphenols which have antioxidant like properties and have the potential to prevent heart and cardio-vascular diseases like high blood pressure.

Researchers believe that red grape juice may offer the same protection against heart disease as red wine but without the alcohol.

Research suggests that antioxidants remove molecules called free radicals, which can cause cell damage linked to heart disease and cancer. Polyphenols, allegedly block the production of a protein linked to cardiovascular disease, thus keeping you healthy.

Which grapes are best for you?

One can derive the same benefits by eating both red grape skins, which contain resveratrol, and red grape seeds, which contain proanthocyanidins, both powerful and natural heart medicine.

Grape seed extract supplements are also good for the heart. In fact look around and see if you can find organic grape powder supplement as fresh grapes are available throughout the year. 

Grape supplements:

However grape juice can be enjoyed all throughout the year whether you juice them when they are in season or you buy a carton of it. Just make sure that they are organic and have as less preservatives as possible.

A glass of grape juice a day keeps the cardiologist away….! So now you know what you should be reaching out for the next time you need a tall glass of a cool dink.

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Grapes: Lowers BP And Keeps Heart Healthy