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Popcorn Danger!

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Now whoever thought that something as simple as munching popcorns could be dangerous? You would most probably think I am kidding or I am one of those health food freaks who exaggerate everything! But you are wrong..very wrong!

FDA has reported that the chemical coating used n microwave popcorn bags breaks down to a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) when heated. This is a carcinogen! Exposure to an acid extracted from it has led to cancer in animals!! Now you are worried. So, I guess its back to using the old air popper or frying the kernels in some healthy oil.


But that is just part of the bad news. Recently a group of at least 43 workers in Cincinnati sued the makers of the flavoring agent that produces the buttery  taste of popcorns. They claimed that their lungs were irreversibly damaged by inhaling fumes from the chemical diacetyl, which is used to provide the buttery taste. The respiratory disease is even called “popcorn workers lung,” Imagine the amount of these dangerous fumes you would have inhaled over the years!


Popcorn is a favorite and no one thinks twice about munching those delicious cheese flavored popcorns at a movie or at home. But be warned of the dangers of popcorn and try to pop some of your own corn!!! Image Credithttp://inmagine.com  

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Popcorn Danger!