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Low Calorie Foods Lead to Obesity!

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Did you know that low calorie foods that are labeled as ‘health foods’ in restaurants actually make you gain those extra pounds, rather than actually lose them? The evidence lies in the fact that though a lot of restaurants are offering ‘low calorie foods’, it has not helped people in shedding their extra kilos! As a Food and Brand Lab study points out there are many reasons to this.


Low Calorie Food Labels Can Be Deceptive !



Firstly, the low calorie foods labeled as health food in many restaurants might not be actually low in calories. A diet burger bun from a health food restaurant might be the same in calories as other restaurants. So don’t get fooled by health food restaurants. Verify their claims before you gorge on their benignly intentioned health foods.


Low Calorie Foods Lead To More Side Dishes Intake !



Secondly, thinking that you’ve ordered low calorie foods in your menu, you order side dishes of higher calories, increasing your overall calorie intake! So with your diet burger you might order excess cheese chops and potato chips which actually make you fatter! This is because you don’t feel guilty consuming the so called low calorie foods and you feel that by ordering more side courses you are not actually increasing your total calorie intake. But, on the contrary, you actually are!


Low Calorie Diet Beverages May Be Ineffective !



Apart from the so called low calorie foods, we fall prey to diet beverages. You might have switched over to diet coke but have you lost weight after doing so?


Attractive Health Food Menu Titles May Be Deceptive !



The names of foods play a major role in increasing their consumptions. Would you go for a ‘Low Calorie Chocolate Ice Cream’ or a ‘Chocolate Ice Cream’?


You can go through the study in detail here.


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Low Calorie Foods Lead To Obesity!