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Mediterranean Menu Diet and Nuts keep your Heart Healthy!

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mediterranean menu 1A study based on randomized diets, menus and eating patterns has lead medical researchers to believe that a Mediterranean diet and a long with a rich intake of nuts is the key to a healthy heart.

The study revealed that the main heart problems are caused by consumption of trans-fatty acids and foods with a high glycemic index. Such fattening foods and ingredients are harmful for heart health.

Things that seemed to protect the heart from coronary problems included intake of vegetables, nuts and monounsaturated fatty acids and Mediterraneanhealth benefits of nuts food, prudent.

The study also associated western menus and diets as low-quality and harmful for the heart in the long run.

Perhaps the nut rich diet and whole grains like polenta in the Mediterranean menus are the key to making it a heart friendly diet menu. So, if you loved Mediterranean food, here is a reason to rejoice! Did you heart just skip a beat…?

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Mediterranean Menu Diet And Nuts Keep Your Heart Healthy!