Holiday Party Survival Guide - Part 1

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Sarah and Katrina are going to tell you about the survival guide party holiday about what to eat and the respective calories in the party foods.
Firstly, never go on a holiday party empty stomach. You can have high protein diets at home such as a handful of nuts, or whole wheat toast. The average weight gain during the holidays can be upto 1 lb.
Secondly, there are varieties of food, so before going to the party you should always know what you are going to eat. You can choose some popular finger chips, spring rolls, cheese, and crackers.
But 1 egg roll = 140 calories
1 mini quiche = 60 calories
slice of a cheese and 2 crackers = 110 calories.
Hence, 310 calories for just 3 pieces. So, instead of going for the appetizers wrapped in dough or crust, go for lean proteins.
Thirdly, fill up on lean protein like chicken or fish. Chicken apple sausage contains almost 90 calories. They are cut up in small pieces, so you will gain much lesser calories.
Thin slices of whole wheat baguette, topped with bruschetta spread has almost 45 calories.
But, the best option for you is shrimp. 1 cup of shrimp contains 80 calories only. So, always go for it.

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Holiday Party Survival Guide Review
In this small video clip, Sarah and Katrina are going to tell you about the survival guide for holiday party. They are discussing about some tips and tricks on how on a holiday party you can avoid unhealthy food and choose healthy food.

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