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Top 7 Healthy Living sites

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Internet is full of websites springing up everyday in the every corner of the world. Do we have time to go through all of them? Not really and so it’s important to know the good ones which are relevant to our needs. In this blog, I am going to share websites which are most relevant ones for one of the most important needs in our lives – our health!!! All of us want to be healthy and enjoy life to the best possible extent. How to do it? Do your own research but the answers would be unique to your lifestyle so I will restrict myself to sharing the websites and you can do your research for the specific issues relevant to your life.



Bon Voyage to the 7 Healthy Living Websites:


The most visited website in the list is It is believed to be the encyclopedia on the internet in the field of health. The website contains new knowledge in the area of science that does or will eventually help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability, from the common cold to the rarest genetic disorder. It also gives information and suggestions about healthy eating, lifestyle, and current researches that is going on.

Another encyclopedia for healthy living is . Totally dedicated to health related issues, the website provides authentic information on healthy living, emergencies, disasters, diseases and conditions, life stages, and populations and many more. These healthy and safety information are very relevant to any individual who wants to lead a healthy life, health care professions, researchers, students, and media.

Third website in the list is The website not only gives you information on health, but also tells about the recipes which are beneficial for your health. The site promotes some interesting and beneficial offers on books and newsletters such as Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody . The site also gives information on healthy lifestyle.

Fourth website in the list is . The website is totally dedicated on how to be a healthy person. The site has interesting Blog Network section, video presentations, information about health centers, etc. Also, the website promotes a lot of activities such as polling, question-answer columns, virtual checkup rounds, and more which encourages the user to be more health conscious.

Fifth important site on the list is . The site features a lot of health videos, journals, and news. This site is totally dedicated to health, from the minor disease or any kind of non curable genetic disease. It also promotes user participation through linking to Yahoo! Health, Digg, Medline, etc.

Sixth important health website in the list is . This health site gives a lot of emphasis on doctors, hospitals, health care @ home, health related blogs, and news. To interact with users, the site promotes polling, quizzes, slideshows, and question-answer sessions. It also tells you about healthy eating, cooking, diet communities, parenting, and whatsoever you want to know related to health.

The last website on the list is . The website promotes health related news, interactive slideshows with lots of information on the topic, doctor-to-patient & patient-to-patient stories, diseases, symptoms, and their treatment procedures as well.

Other than these 7 top rated health living websites, you can also refer to, , .  These websites offer lots of information and can be very useful to build a knowledge base about our lifestyle and can help us live a less stressful and more fulfilling life. And don’t forget to send me any other good website that you come across and I will share that with the readers of this blog.

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Top 7 Healthy Living Sites