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Green Tea- For a Healthy and Green Lifestyle

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Green Tea, might taste different for first timers, but it does wonders for your health. It is made solely from green tea leaves that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. I included Green Tea in my diet a few months back and today, I can vouch for this beverage with my life. Literally!

Green tea leaves

I was never a ‘Tea” person, but my friend who was convinced about Green Tea persuaded me to try it.  She knew exactly which buttons to push. All she had to say was, “A cup of green tea a day can keep your weight at bay!!”

Seems impossible,  doesn’t it?, I felt that way too. So, I decided to investigate and find more about this concoction made from dried green tea leaves and guess what I found?. Its true! Green tea has elements that help in lowering cholestrol, reducing the absorption of bad fat and increasing the rate of matabolism.

More importantly, Green Tea can also help in curbing various types of cancers. It reduces the occurrence of breast and skin cancer. The antioxidants in the tea improves blood circulation thus reducing the danger of heart diseases and in turn acts as a relaxant. The element theonine in Green Tea, promotes calmness and improves ones mood. Next time you feel your boss needs to be more relaxed and less grumpy, you know what to serve him. If it is you who is having a sluggish day at work, reach out for this mind sharpener. Green tea helps you stay mentally alert.

In Japan, this is a ubiquitious beverage and there are intricate tea ceremonies associated with this drink. Have you ever wondered about the porcelain clear skin of Japanese women?. Yes, this also can be attributed to Green Tea. The antioxidants, catechin and polyphenols in Green tea protects the skin from the sun and has antiaging properties

Having discovered the benefits of drinking Green tea, I wasted no time in developing a taste for it.
There are various kinds of green tea like the Chinese Big Square or Da Fang Green Tea, Japanese Genmaicha or Brown Rice Green Tea, Maccha Green Tea etc.

Genmaicha  Green Tea

Now, if you are somebody who likes the taste of green tea, then you can also incorporate it into your daily dishes. A few of the dishes you can make are, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Orange Flavoured Scallops, Green Tea Bread, Green Tea Pound Cake, Green Tea Sorbet, Green Tea Ice cream etc

Green Tea Cake 

So, go ahead and imbibe this ambrosia if you really do want to remain green and healthy all your life. Cheers to Green Tea!

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Green Tea- For A Healthy And Green Lifestyle