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Is Your Chicken Nugget Being Processed In China

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USDA allows chicken processing in China

The ‘US Department of Agriculture’ (USDA) has given the nod to the entry of processed poultry from China, which has already raised in a storm over the issue of food imports into the country. The approved Chinese companies will be allowed to process only chicken that are raised and bred in USA and Canada though. The imports will include cooked chicken meat at present. However, the critics were skeptical of the permission that could be extended to the use of China bred chickens and turkeys before long.


USDA Rules

USDA has already audited the Chinese processing plants and found them well equipped to handle chickens from USA and Canada hygienically. The new rule of importing cooked chicken from China includes verification of the cooked chicken products that will be imported to the USA. However, no American official will be present at the plants and the onus will fall on their Chinese counterparts.


Since cooked products do not require a ‘point of origin’ labeling, there will be no way to know whether you are eating US processed chicken or your chicken nugget has come to you from China.


Safety Issues

  • America has been concerned about receiving contaminated food from other countries lately with the FDA being extremely vigilant about allowing such products into USA.

  • Permitting food imports from China has raised concerns because the Asian giant does not have a good track record when it comes to food safety. Practices such as use of the cancer causing cadmium, passing off rat and fox meat as lamb along with selling 46-year-old chicken feet, treated with bleach, have been prevalent in China for years now.


There is a specific reason for allowing Chinese processed chicken into America though. Tom Super, spokesperson of the ‘National Chicken Council’ summed it up aptly. “We’re hoping the Chinese will look a little more favorably on our chicken products and on other U.S. agricultural imports.”


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Is Your Chicken Nugget Being Processed In China