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8 Benefits Of Owning A Pet

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Human-pet relationship is age old and what keeps it going is a special bond that man shares with his pet. All pet lovers will vouch for the selfless love that their pet provides. As we study this relationship more, we realize that there is much more to it. Pets are not just companions; they provide support in several other indispensable ways. Let us see how.

  1. Great Stress busters- There is nothing like a feeling of being welcomed by an enthusiastic pet after a long day at work. Play time with pet has shown to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in brain (known mood enhancers).  Contact with pets is also known to increase the levels of oxytocin (responsible for feeling of love and bonding) in brain.


  1. Social meetings- Pets have helped several pet owners make groups and start communities. Pets are like kids, they have similar demands and responses, hence pet owners build a great bonding over their pets.


  1. Pain management- Animal assisted therapy is picking up really fast in hospitals these days. It has been reported that people taking assistance from this therapy recover faster and require 50% less dose of painkillers compared to those who do not.


  1. Control hypertension- Pet owners have lower blood pressure and heart rate. This has helped them stay healthy and also maintain lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Moreover, pet owners have higher survival rates after heart attack compared to those who don’t have one.


  1. Activity inducers- This is a rather unavoidable part of having a pet. A pet owner has to cater to a pet’s demand, whether it is a regular trip outside to potty train your pet or getting them their favorite toy or food. Pets keep you rather active.


  1. Health Monitors- Pets have this uncanny ability to smell and sense, this quality has made them respond to changes in our body parameters. It has been reported that trained dogs respond uniquely to drop in blood glucose of their owners.  Dogs can detect lung and breast cancer up to 97% accuracy.


  1. Immune Boosters- Kids who grow with pets develop a stronger immune system and have far fewer allergies as adults.  Pets also reduce stress and help release of cortisol and nonepinephrine, this results in strengthening of immune system.


  1. Safety - Pets are good house watchers. Pets can sense danger faster than humans. Whether it is a natural calamity or an unwanted breakdown, pets sense it better and quicker and give appropriate warning signals to owners.


Pets are the perfect partners and excellent companions. Do not contemplate anymore, get your house pet-ready and welcome a new member to your family.


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8 Benefits Of Owning A Pet