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Foods That Harm Your Kid

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Keeping the kids healthy is a priority for all parents. Yet, most of us do not bother to check what we are packing into their lunch boxes. Packaged foods have all kinds of fancy labels with some of them claiming to be even healthier than the natural foods. However, it is always better to take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t get swayed by the tall claims. Stick to the natural sources of food even if it means more work for you. Take a look at the list of foods below. You would definitely not want your kids to eat such junk even if your kid favors them.


Harmful Food 


Packaged Fruit Juices

Why- The juices come in attractive, colorful packages but are actually deadly for your kids. The high fructose concentration is bereft of any nutritional value and there will be no vitamins or minerals going into your kid’s body. Plus the fiber of fruit is removed completely making the juice as beneficial as colored water.

fruit juice


The Solution- Try and make the juice at home from fresh fruits. Do not be too careful and strain fastidiously. Allow a bit of the pulp to get mixed with the juice and watch your son’s face glow with health.



Why- Crispy crackers are considered to be a treat. However, they are sodium rich products with empty calories and are laden with saturated fats.



The Solution- Do try to innovate by cutting whole grain breads into small squares and toasting them until crisp. You can also surprise your child by packing a pita bread on Day 1, followed by finger sandwiches the next day. Keep providing him with variety and he will not miss the unhealthy crackers any more.


Processed Meats

Why-Keep your child far from processed meats, however attractive they may look. The excess of sodium and nitrates in such packaged form of meat do more harm than good . You are actually depriving him of good protein by taking the easy way out.



The Solution- Buy fresh meat and chop and slice it yourself. Cook lightly and season it properly in order to fill your kid’s lunch box with nutritive items. Do remember to add a fresh salad alongside the meat and ask him to sprinkle some lemon juice on the meat before he bites into it.


Ready-To-Eat Desserts

Why- Sugared cookies, snack cakes and creamy pastries that come from a packet are not good for your kid at all. Loading the body with sugar and trans-fat is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Avoid them like poison and insist on buying him fruits if he wants to have something sweet.

Ready-To-Eat Desserts


The Solution- If you are really worried about indulging his sweet tooth, try and make healthy, milk based desserts from scratch. Do feel free to add lots of antioxidant rich fruits and berries instead of white sugar and create a crunchy effect by using a handful of nuts .


Educate your child about food by taking him to a Farmer’s Market and allow him to buy the fresh produce himself. You can also take him on as a culinary assistant while you prepare his meals. Understanding the reason for using each and every ingredient as well as the cooking method will help him realize the value of nutrition.


A little extra work on your part will definitely yield results. So start cooking for your kid and watch him grow tall and strong in no time at all.


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Foods That Harm Your Kid