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Restaurants Sell Healthy Meals More, Says Study

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If you thought that restaurants are selling high-calorie dishes deliberately, a new study proves you wrong. The Hudson Institute has examined the sales figures of 21 restaurant chains in the country and found that this theory is not valid anymore.


The study claims that those chains, which introduced lower-calorie options on their menus, performed better in comparison to those restaurants that did not do so. Sales figures for the year 2006 to 2011 were examined for the study and it was found that the restaurants selling healthier options experienced 10.9% more visits after beefing up their healthy menu options. In comparison, the restaurants that reduced the number of low-calorie options on their menus experienced 14.7% drop in the number of visitors.

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However, what is more striking about the results of this study is the fact that healthy menu items were sold more during the five-year-span of study as against the unhealthy items. The 21 restaurant chains sold 470,000 more units of healthy dishes during this time while selling 1.3 million lesser units of unhealthy dishes. The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his ilk would be happy to know that the sales of French fries and high-calorie drinks have also come down quite fast.


While this study may not be a conclusive authority on this matter, it certainly indicates a healthy trend in restaurant dining and provides a rejoinder in case of arguments that dining out is always an unhealthy option.

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Restaurants Sell Healthy Meals More, Says Study