Is The Low Fat Diet The Right Diet

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The low fat diet is one that I've spent a lot of time on recently. While low fat is good in theory, there are some instances where this may not be a good idea. (Keep in mind, regardless of my thoughts here, 60-80% fat as calories in your diet is not a good idea at all...)I also answer questions about lucuma, why raw nuts cost so much, green smoothies, and alkaloids in plant foods.

Low fat diet is the new "IT" Thing" but how healthy is the low fat diet in long term. Fats are important for the body. They help in growth and maintenance of brain health and also absorption of vitamins like A, D, E and K. So what will happen if a person is on a low fat diet for a very long period of time. Naturally, it effects the brain health and shows signs of vitamin deficiency. Want to know more, check out this video.

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