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Do You Need to Eat Meat to Get Your Purine

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Nope, not protein, but purine...A question came in the other day about if you need meat to get your purine. In this episode, I explain what purine is, why we need it, and if you need to eat meat to get it. I also talk about water ionizers and the best type of water.

Purine is a substance that is available in food items like kidneys, liver, fish, dairy products. They are important for the body. Then how do the vegan get their share of purine. You will be surprised to know that food items like beans, asparagus, lentils, anchovies, cauliflower, oatmeal, etc. are also rich in purine. So even the vegans can get their dose of purine from vegetarian food items, provided they are included in the diet on a regular basis. Want to know more, check out this video.

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Do You Need To Eat Meat To Get Your Purine Video