Health Foods That Interrupt With Prescription Drugs

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Health vs. prescription

Kale, licorice, grapefruit – Quite a healthy bunch of foods, isn’t it? Well, would you be shocked if you were told that these foods, and more like these, can actually interfere with some prescription drugs that you may be taking. The effects of eating health foods along with prescription drugs may range from diminished drug effect to toxic outcome.


A study has revealed that consuming health foods like grapefruit, etc, at the same time with some prescription drugs may hamper the potential of the latter. The study speaks specifically about grapefruit juice, which has the potential to induce negative impact on the effect of 85 different prescription drugs. Some of these drugs are currently very popular in the market like Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor, and the anti-coagulant, Plavix.


According to the lead researcher of the study, David Bailey of the Lawson Health Research Institute in Ontario, Canada, “The number of drugs on the market with the potential to produce serious adverse and in many cases life-threatening effects when combined with grapefruit has markedly increased over the past few years from 17 to 43 in four years.” The main reason behind this adverse impact theory is that grapefruit contains furanocoumarin, known to block enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4, which, in turn, is essential to matabolize the drugs. In absence of the enzyme cytochrome, the drug can achieve toxic levels in your blood.


In case you have every felt such problem regarding correct effect of a drug, slow absorption of the drug, or any adverse effect after taking a drug, consult your physician and remember whether you have had any such health food along with the drug. This is not meant to discourage you from eating health foods. You need to take care, however, that you should consult your doctor in case you are on any prescription drugs.



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