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Drink Black Tea To Avoid Diabetes

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Diabetes Black Tea

Your morning, noon or evening cup of black tea had never been so rewarding till a study published in the British Medical Journal pointed out that consuming tea in large amounts could be related to less obesity. Adding on to this study is a new data analysis conducted in 50 countries. This analysis pointed out that the countries that drank most amount of black tea enjoyed lowest levels of the metabolic syndrome, in other words, obesity. The analysis of the content was carried out under the leadership of Dr. Ariel Beresniak of 'Data Mining International', based in Geneva, Switzerland.


The main reason given behind the fat-fighting skills of the black tea is the fermentation process through which green tea is made black. This process also adds 'flavonoids' to the tea, which are health-inducing compounds. The top three countries, where the level of diabetes was the lowest, were also the ones, where each person consumed at least 2kg of black tea annually. These countries are - Ireland, Britain, and Turkey. Countries to show an opposite trend in diabetes due to low consumption of black tea are Brazil, Morocco, and Mexico. These three countries showed less lower levels of diabetes.


However, before you go all berserk, downing cups of black tea, get in touch with a doctor to ensure that you really need it.



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Drink Black Tea To Avoid Diabetes