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Is Your Steak Contaminated?

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steakSteaks, roasts, or ground beef are a few basic food stuffs used in our kitchen, something that we cannot do without. But did you know why the USDA recommends cooking the steaks and roasts at 145 degrees while the ground beef requires 160 degrees at least? The temperature is essential to kill off the E-Coli or other pathogens that may have accumulated on the meat while it was being slaughtered and processed. But here comes the catch, the ground beef often has the pathogens crawling throughout it while the steaks usually have them on the surface so the need for different cooking temperatures.


There is yet another puzzling fact that you might want to check out for yourself. We have always known that piercing our steaks and roasts with a fork allows them to be more tender, but this also helps the bacteria to burrow deep into the meat, contaminating them thoroughly in the process. So the best way to cook them safely is to increase the temperature to 160 degrees or more. This is particularly important for old people, kids, and pregnant women or people who have a weak immune system.


It is also imperative to check the food labels and decide on how you want to cook your steak. Remember that piercing it would make is equal to ground beef so check the temperature and enjoy your meal!



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Is Your Steak Contaminated?