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Salt in fastfood-A danger to health

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For long I had a habit of taking green chillies and extra salt with every meal. Nothing that was served to me seemed to have an adequate dose of salt. I’d ask for it with everything…all my meals and whatever I snacked on in between…to the extent that green chillies and salt would almost look like a side dish whenever I ate! My family tried hard and eventually succeeded in making me get rid of this unhealthy habit. Now, I take my onions and chillies (many Indians would have this habit) minus the extra salt. I never really understood how salt could be ‘unhealthy’ especially with all the iodine that it provides but I chose to listen to my folks. Here’s an article that highlights the risks of high salt intake.

MANY popular brands of fast food contain so much salt that just one product would provide half the recommended daily intake of sodium in one hit, while some have much more - raising the risk of chronic health problems such as high blood pressure and also contributing to premature death and disability.

 A survey of salt levels in leading fast food brands found three-quarters of the burger and sandwich-style products sold by six companies provided more than 50 per cent of the suggested daily target.  One product - KFC's Zinger Double BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger - provided the highest amount of salt, with 2410mg of sodium per burger. That is equivalent to 150 per cent of the suggested dietary target of 1600mg recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council, and 104 per cent of the 2300mg daily upper limit.  The survey, conducted by the Australian Division of the World Action on Salt and Health organisation (AWASH), surveyed products sold by KFC, Hungry Jack's, Oporto, Red Rooster, Subway and McDonald's. It found one Red Rooster chicken and chips meal contained a "shocking" 2800mg of sodium.  AWASH has already held talks with food manufacturers to persuade them to lower salt levels by an average of 25 per cent over the next five year and the fast-food industry was the next target.  

McDonald's Hamburger provided the lowest level of salt, equivalent to just 27 per cent of the suggested daily target. Both McDonald's and Subway  plan to reduce salt levels in their foods while KFC said they would need to examine the findings before responding.

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Not just in fastfood vikas, we are so obsessed with the taste of salt that even the home-cooked foods show a good proportion of it. If the sodium intake is not considerably reduced, we soon are gonna be promising candidates for such dreadful diseases that we would have never thought of being a victim for. However, all the logos you have included up there are my top favorites, sacrifice is supposed to be the only way to deal with it!
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Yes, some of them are my favourite too, but I've learnt to cut down...
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Once you cut way down on salting everything-you then after awhile find much restaurant food too salty! Your palate adjusts to a healthy style. I prefer using spicesand chiles and a little salt if needed. So many foods naturally contain salt! Don't add the extra salt! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Yes Shanthiih.. Also you can considerably cut down on salt, with the use of a lil extra tamarind and tomatoes in your dishes. That way dishes become a lot more healthier too. Also, i happened to read a few tips in another similar blog, which had inferences on sodium present in salt.
Salt In Fastfood-A Danger To Health