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The Dangerous Effects from Antibiotic Use on Animals

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Farm antibiotics

Next time you bite into a juicy steak or a fat KFC chicken wing, pay attention to the fact that you may be ingesting antibiotic-resistant germs. The antibiotics used to fatten up farm animals are consequently making us sick and resistant to infections. Despite scientific evidence, farmers are administering a whopping 30 million pounds of antibiotics to their animals, even though the animals don’t need these medicines. As a result, much of the meat and eggs that you bring home already have the antibiotic-resistant germs. 

The worse part of this entire situation is that no authorities are keeping an eye on the amount of antibiotics being pumped into the food chain. A reputed environmental health scientist, Keeve Nachman, recently told the New York Times, “It’s like facing off against a major public health crisis with one hand tied behind our backs.” Nachman further adds, “The single biggest problem we face in infectious disease today is the rapid growth of resistance to antibiotics. Human use contributes to that, but use in animals clearly plays a part too”. FDA’s last attempt to ban some of the antibiotics used in farming was shot down by the farm lobby in 1977. Since then, it has pretty much been a free-for-all in terms of farmers and their antibiotic practices .



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The Dangerous Effects From Antibiotic Use On Animals